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Help your body heal, restore and turn back the clock, in record time. Utilising cutting edge technology, our restorative treatments tap into your body’s natural intelligence and its inherent ability to heal.

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Dr. Knight and host of Beat Infertility Podcast, Heather Huhman, discuss the use of regenerative medicine and ovarian rejuvenation therapy in helping women struggling with infertility to conceive.

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Reboot Your Ovaries with Dr. David Knight - Miracles Happen Fertility Podcast

Dr. Maria Rothenburger interviews Dr. David Knight on a range of topics from the future of fertility, to regenerative medicine and how it may help shape the future of the medical landscape for a range of conditions.

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Demeter Regeneration in the media:

Sydney's Regenerative Medicine Clinic

At Demeter Regeneration, our team of specialists are at the forefront of the new wave of regenerative medical treatment.

We offer a range of health optimisation programs, non-surgical, anti-ageing, body optimisation and reproductive regeneration therapies that use cutting edge technology to tap into the body’s natural ability to heal, repair and restore.

Stimulating the body’s own built-in response for rejuvenation is at the foundation of regenerative medicine, allowing patients a greater capacity to restore their health.

Treating the ageing process from the inside

Regenerative medicine differs from traditional medicine in the ways that it uses the body’s own internal capacity to regenerate and heal, without the reliance on pharmaceuticals.

It is defined as the use of stem cells, biomaterials and molecules, and devices to repair, regenerate or replace damaged or diseased cells, tissues and organs for the purposes of restoring and establishing normal function.

Regenerative medicine allows an individual the ability to borrow from their body’s own biological brilliance with the use of their own cells and blood platelets. Our aim is to restore your body to a state where it can work for you to achieve certain health outcomes that may not be possible using traditional methods.

The treatments offered such as emsculpt, anti-aging treatments, male sexual function and more at our clinic in Hurstville, Sydney are non-invasive and require minimal to no-downtime, yet are clinically advanced medical therapies. Treatment must be undertaken by a qualified doctor, guaranteeing safe application and long-term success with added peace of mind.

Based in Hurstville, Sydney Australia

Dr. David Knight, the Clinical Director of Demeter Regeneration and based out of our Hurstville Clinic; has practised in the area of reproductive medicine for over 20 years. Bringing a wealth of experience in the fields of fertility and reproduction, Dr. Knight has now pioneered a number of specialised programs that dovetail seamlessly with regenerative medicine. This complementary practice has allowed for the seamless integration of various regenerative therapies, placing him at the forefront of the field.

Scientific advances, are now making the seemingly impossible, possible, for a wide range of patients, in addition to those seeking to conceive. Dr Knight is supported by a highly trained team of medical professionals, who are committed to offering you an unparalleled level of care.

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