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Immunosenescence Program Sydney

A pro-active prevention program

Investing in your immune system and health is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. It is essential to decrease your chances of significant infection from diseases.

The Demeter Regeneration Immunosenescence Program is an evidence-informed, pro-active approach to increase protection from infection. Pioneering regenerative medicine in Australia, Dr David Knight has developed a program that stages a suite of innovative techniques to boost immunity and increase longevity.


The initial program is a series of components over an 8-12 week period including:

  • Biomarker & Epigenetic Testing
  • Treatment of senescent cells
  • Cellular energy treatment
  • Gene maintenance therapy
  • Immunosenescent treatment as required
  • Specific lifestyle plans

Following this initial period, an ongoing individual program can be developed based on your epigenetic and inner health biomarker results. In the longer term, aside from aiming to increase prevention for viruses and other infections, the program aims at prolonging your health and your life. Best side effect ever!

Our robust and advanced program uses techniques that far exceed the average multi-vitamin and immune boosting drugs currently available for consumer purchase. The program combines, lifestyle advice (dietary how to's, sleeping and relationships), possible use of prescription medications, food supplements, vitamin supplements and activities along with baseline and outcome measurements, and support from the clinic staff. Outcomes improve your health through increased immunity levels, and the benefits are a reduced risk and severity of disease.

Consultations can be via video-link.


Our Immunosenescence Program suits;

  • 40 year-olds and above,
  • People who travel frequently for business,
  • People working in healthcare, aged care or childcare and
  • People who work in hospitality and are exposed to a high number of the general population in their day to day lives.

Our Medical Director, Dr David Knight, has a track record of pioneering ground-breaking programs in rejuvenation and fertility in Australia. He has introduced innovation and revolutionising techniques in Australia, particularly in the IVF area. His practice has expanded to include healthspan maintenance and longevity, providing counteractive measures to prevent the onset of issues associated with old age, such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease, arthritis and heart disease. This field of expansion is a natural progression from his ongoing work with ovarian rejuvenation.

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